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Date: 6/18/2010
Subject: Part-Time Drupal Project
Dear Domenic:

I found you on Linkedin as part of a search to find a Drupal/Web Developer. I am in New York, and in the process of launching 2 Social Media Magazine/Community sites (Lifestyle and Business related). We are building our sites upon Drupal, and I have been working part-time with 4 very good developers. One of our developers has to leave the project, and we need some ‘plug-in’ help to get to the finish line. Most of our site foundation is designed and configured, albeit still in work (Front-End/Views/Panels/Theming, Back-End/Workflow/Admin, Community/Organic Groups, Ad-Platform, API Integration, Mobile, Module Integration). There are a variety of tasks which need to be accomplished (including Front-End/CSS which is core to your expertise). Our objective is to complete and launch our beta sites by late-July, and then bring aboard our Editors, Writers, Partner Developers, Ad Sales personnel and Investors (we are taking a “live” product first approach). The project should take 5-6 weeks on a very part-time basis which can be accomplished on ‘off-hours’ around other commitments. As a non-funded start-up, compensation is back-end/deferred as part of shared success based on achieving investment and/or revenue targets. In the near-term, we do have some powerful brand names, and the project will definitely add to your expertise, portfolio and network relationships. If you are interested to discuss our launch brands and the project in further detail, please contact me. Thanks!


[email protected]


Let me get this straight -- you're looking for 'plug-in' help to 'get to the finish line' in a month (eg, you're looking for a strong developer) on a Social Media Magazine project (yawn) with compensation dependent on securing investment funding?

I think I'll pass. Good luck with the funding.


Although for a moment, I was tempted by his Hotmail address.