jReject Drupal Module for Drupal 7

What is jReject?

Often times, either through lack of manpower or will, we'll create a web page that looks great in modern browsers but falls apart in old ones. Rather than fielding comments like "Your page is broken!!", wouldn't it be nice to let your visitors know that their browser is out of date?

jReject is a jQuery plugin that determines the browser type and version a visitor is using, and conditionally presents the user with a modal message prompting them to upgrade their browser.

jReject was created by Steven Bower (http://turnwheel.com), and based on the "IE6 Upgrade Warning" script by [email protected]. It is released under a dual MIT/GPL license. The jReject for Drupal 7 module was created by Domenic Santangelo (entendu) http://drupal.org/user/173461.

Read more about my module at the Drupal.org page: http://drupal.org/project/jreject