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How to use Apache's Proxy on Drupal's Files directory

Drupal's files directory can get enormous, and it's best not to keep it in version control. Here's a way to use Apache's proxy module to point your local environment directly to your dev/live site's files directory so you don't have to download it.

In your httpd.conf:

  1. ProxyRequests On
  2. ProxyVia On
  4. <Proxy *>
  5.     Order deny,allow
  6.     Deny from all
  7.     Allow from localhost
  8.     Allow from all
  9. </Proxy>
  11. <Location /sites/default/files/imagecache/>
  12.    ProxyPass
  13. </Location>

Quick steps to debug your module's css

Someone on the Drupal Dev list asked what to do when his custom module's CSS wasn't showing up. This is the quick checklist I sent in reply:

In order:

0. Make extra-sure your module's enabled on admin/build/modules

1. Check your drupal_add_css() call. Should look roughly like:
drupal_add_css(drupal_get_path('module', 'MYMODULE') .'/css/MYMODULE.css');

2. Make sure you're doing drupal_add_css() inside hook_init()

AT&T doesn't want my money

NEW: Follow up from AT&T posted below.

My original Jawbone bluetooth headset is on its last legs and I've heard great things about the new Jawbone Icon. After mulling it over for about a week, I rolled over to the AT&T store in Pleasant Hill to pick one up. What a mistake!

How to use a mailing list

When you reply to someone on a mailing list, your mail software will populate the "To:" address one of two ways: either to the person who wrote the post you're replying to, or to the entire list. This depends on how the list is set up.

There is a very simple way to determine if you're replying to a person or to the whole list (which might be bad if you're giving out your rates). Follow these three simple steps to avoid failing at mailing lists:

1) Read a message.

CSS: ur doin it wrong.

So I'm over on codinghorror reading a blog by one of the Stack Overflow guys about how CSS is super limited. Jeff hits us with a couple examples of how CSS falls short and then goes on to explore a couple Ruby gems that supposedly shine up the giant turds that are cascading stylesheets.

Jeff's 3 problems with CSS are:

  1. Vertical alignment is a giant, hacky PITA.
  2. Lack of variables so we have to repeat colors all over the place.