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SMART Project Management

When I was in high-school, I worked at an office supply chain in the "Business Machines" department. I sold computers, adding machines, Palm Pilots (the first revision!), printers, cables, you name it. Aside from helping customers, I had to stock those items on the floor, take daily inventory, complete cleaning/organizing projects, set up new displays to specs (Planograms) and take on whatever other tasks my managers wanted me to finish. Eventually, I was promoted to "Business Machines Lead" -- which came with a sweet $0.75/hr raise.

Allowing node publishing/unpublishing for a non-node admin

So I'm working on a project now where nodes are mass-imported from a third party. By default, these nodes are unpublished until the delegated party can add additional information that the import can't capture. We publish the node when it's through being reviewed and updated.

To be clear, the workflow looks like:
1) Import nodes (CCK type: "Item"), default status is Unpublished.
2) User with "Reviewer" role looks at the queue of Items that needs reviewed
3) Reviewer reviews Item nodes, then sets them as Published.

Here's the problem though: