10/2009 - Ongoing
Drupal, Apache, MySQL, memcached, munin, Google Analytics, git, bash scripting, custom analytics, SEO, jQuery, Javascript

GreenAnswers is a free question and answer site where anyone can ask, answer and learn about environmental issues. GreenAnswers members can grow their reputations by contributing helpful content and can help shape the reputations of their peers by voting on their respective submissions.

GreenAnswers aims to be the authoritative resource on the web for environmental issues. They also publish unique and syndicated news articles and blog posts about contemporary environmental issues.

Bright Bacon took this project on in Fall 2009 with the scope being to finish their Open Beta phase. After successfully completing the Beta, GreenAnswers retained Bright Bacon to continue ongoing development, including a complete site redesign, business consulting, tons of new feature development -- including an innovative Tree Planting Program -- and performance tuning. In addition, we integrated MailChimp and Drupal's Views to create automated daily and monthly opt-in newsletters.

Bright Bacon continues to support GreenAnswers with emergency maintenance, upgrades, and feature development.

GreenAnswers is built on Drupal 6, a tuned Apache httpd and MySQL stack, runs memcached, and is monitored by munin and Pingdom. Search is Google Site Search, ads are Google Ads and third-party networks specializing in green technology.