The Jingle Lab

04/2009 - Ongoing
Drupal, MySQL, Apache, Google Analytics, SEO, branding and design

Founded by composer and musician Steve Garland, the Jingle Lab specializes in composing and producing commercial jingles for advertising. The Jingle Lab focuses on custom "high recall" jingles, the kind with a catchy melody and lyrics that people can remember easily. This creates a sticky brand - a brand that sticks with you.

Steve Garland and The Jingle Lab have won multiple Addy Awards for their catchy, high-quality radio advertising.

The Jingle Lab is built on Drupal 6, a tuned Apache httpd and MySQL stack, and was fully designed and implemented by Bright Bacon with special attention paid to SEO concerns (addressed with pathauto, nodewords, XMLSitemap, and Page Title modules).