06/07/2010 - 01/01/2012
Drupal, Solr, Apache, MySQL, memcached, Boost
In Cooperation With: 
AAA Staff

If you've got a AAA membership on the west coast, chances are you've seen a copy of Via Magazine. is Via's online magazine, with additional features such as trip planning, event calendaring, articles and pictures, and more.

Via Magazine was AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah's first foray into Drupal. AAA engaged Bright Bacon in Spring 2010 to come aboard and provide training, development resources, and technical and platform expertise.

After gathering requirements and getting the lay of the land, Bright Bacon optimized Via's svn repo, installed a Hudson, and wrote continuous integration and deployment scripts, streamlining Via's development and deployment process (how do 1-click deployments sound?). We also tuned and optimized the Apache httpd and MySQL stacks, hardened the front-end server, moved the team from FTP to keyed SSH, and trained the other members of the development team. is still running the stack that we put in place, including the Hudson deployment and continuous integration servers. is built on Drupal 6, Apache httpd, MySQL, memcached and Boost. Search is Apache Solr, deployment and integration are custom scripts quarterbacked by Hudson.