Behind the Bacon

My name's Domenic Santangelo, and this is my website.

It's divided up into three main sections:

Work - posts having to do with work,
Play - posts about all that stuff that ISN'T work,
Drupal - posts specific to the CMS I prefer, Drupal.

Currently, I'm Director of Engineering for WorkHabit, one of those statups that bends Drupal in new and exciting ways all the time.

My non-programming interests include photography, motorcycles, single-speed bicycles, poker (which I started playing BEFORE it was trendy), LOLcats and other internet memes. I'm also an accomplished musician, having been in several radio-aired bands. I play guitar, clarinet, saxophone, harmonica, bass guitar, and I can sequence passably.

This is a Drupal site, and the theme is a heavily hacked and modified version of the really great Scruffy theme for Drupal.

Thanks for visiting!