Domenic Santangelo

I'm Domenic Santangelo, Founder and Senior Engineer of Bright Bacon, and MTS 2 Software Engineer at eBay Enterprise and Magento

Formerly, I was the lead Drupal developer at AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah, and Director of Engineering at WorkHabit

As a dedicated and experienced developer, I possess the skills and attitude not just to complete the task at hand, but to complete it on-time, in budget, and beyond expectations. From simple weekend-scope sites to team-lead roles, your company will realize value as fast as possible. At the end of the day, technology doesn’t drive business -- business drives technology. The most elegant technical solution is worthless unless it drives your business closer to its goals. In our competitive and fast-paced industry, business lives and dies by that rule. If you need someone who is as comfortable in planning meetings and conference calls as they are at their computer digging into code, we should talk.

My work experience brings to the table an array of skills as broad as they are deep. From supporting and developing on the LAMP platform (including setup and administration of Apache and MySQL) to front-end design using Photoshop and Flash supported by hand-coded HTML/CSS/JS+AJAX, I can develop your back-end and customer-facing front-end with equal dexterity.

Companies that use Drupal as part of their strategy will find my skills invaluable and profit-driving. My four years of heavy Drupal development experience has spanned almost every facet -- from custom module development to patching existing modules to theme implementation and performance optimization.

My non-programming interests include photography, motorcycles, single-speed bicycles, and poker (which I started playing BEFORE it was trendy). I'm also an accomplished musician, having been in several radio-aired bands. I play guitar, clarinet, saxophone, harmonica, bass guitar, and I can sequence passably.

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